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Exercise is the most powerful actions to develop a human being. Ever been in that dark place where everything around you falls apart then you find exercise and it changes your life. Why? Because it lets you take ownership of your life again, because it makes you realise you can achieve anything, it gives you a sense of power over yourself. What may have been once an impossible thought can now be reality, and that mind set can be transferred into everything we do in life.

We put together this fitness company where our passion is to create a mind set and mission statement for each individual to introduce fitness, exercise into people’s life. I’m a big believer in development in the human being, physically and mentally and that results will determine our outlook on life.

100% in get 100% back.

Myself and my team have helped to develop and build a fitness community that supports each other in everything that they do and my mission is to take my passion to help people worldwide.

Are you ready to get on board, are you ready to develop and change your life with me?

Are you ready to change your life?

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After 5 months training with James Boardman and Bodyshock Fitness, I’ve witnessed a complete change in my bodies level of fitness and strength.Tim Quanstrom
James gets the best out of you and pushes you to your limits. Every time I come away from a session I know I have worked hard. The variety of training is brilliant!Mike James Jefferies
James is a fantastic instructor – motivating you to work really hard, whilst being very supportive and encouraging. Every session is different so you’ll never get bored.Julie Hunter

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