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Health, Fitness, Lifestyle

We are group training specialists with one main goal in mind, to develop your Health, Fitness & Lifestyle.

We offer exclusive training programmes for those that are committed and serious about themselves and are happy to invest in themselves.

Within our programmes we have structured online guidance and support, we don’t believe in just turning up and training, we believe in educating you, mentoring and motivating you away from the classes.

We offer food programmes and regular new recipes from our vault and will help you develop your food management, preparation and planning when it comes to meals.

The whole package is aimed at developing you, we offer flexability with our timetable with a number of sessions in the morning and evening.

So if you are serious and committed to training then we will e mail you full details of the programme you are interested in.

We look forward to seeing you at the start line.

After 5 months training with James Boardman and Bodyshock Fitness, I’ve witnessed a complete change in my bodies level of fitness and strength.

Tim Quanstrom

James gets the best out of you and pushes you to your limits. Every time I come away from a session I know I have worked hard. The variety of training is brilliant!

Mike James Jefferies

James is a fantastic instructor – motivating you to work really hard, whilst being very supportive and encouraging. Every session is different so you’ll never get bored.

Julie Hunter

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