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“After 5 months training with James Boardman and Bodyshock Fitness, I’ve witnessed a complete change in my bodies level of fitness and strength. I can now accomplish feats that would have been completely out of reach half a year ago and feel 100% better for it. The training style not only pushes you to and then beyond what you thought you could do physically, but mentally you feel more motivated, confident and dedicated. I cannot recommend it more highly.”
Tim Quanstrom

“I decided to join James Boardman’s Bodyshock Fitness group after my own training had become stale and i was losing my motivation. I have been there 3 months now and my Fitness and Strength is at an all time high, my motivation is back and i am full of confidence. James gets the best out of you and pushes you to your limits, every time i come away from a session i know i have worked hard. The variety of training is brilliant, and i have certainly used muscles i probably didn’t know existed. I have been to a few Fitness classes before, but this is by far the best training i have had. Highly Recommended”
Mike James Jefferies

“After putting on a bit of middle age spread I took the plunge and decided to do something about it. As a serving Police Officer fitness had always been important to me but I had kind of lost my way. RMPT Bodyshock fitness was just what I needed. James Boardman made me feel instantly welcome and put me through my paces, very soon I began to feel the benefits along with the old adage of ‘no pain no gain’. I now feel fitter, stronger, healthier and much more motivated. The classes are designed to get maximum results and are highly addictive. It really works, in just 6 weeks I have lost almost a stone in weight and feel much better about myself again. I’ve met great new friends, like minded people who have a commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. ”
Mark Ling

“I signed up to Bodyshock Fitness as I wanted to tone up and lose weight after having my two children. I’d tried various other forms of exercise over the last few years – gym memberships, swimming etc – but nothing had worked. I’d lose motivation, skip sessions and just didn’t enjoy it very much. Bodyshock Fitness is the first time that I have ever looked forward to exercising. I work ten times harder than I ever did in the gym, have lots more fun and it’s cheaper too. Best of all, after just two months of regular sessions, I feel fitter AND have lost weight for the first time in two years. James is a fantastic instructor – motivating you to work really hard, whilst being very supportive and encouraging. Every session is different so you’ll never get bored. There are no egos; just a friendly bunch of people with varying levels of fitness that all support one another in reaching their own personal goals.”
Julie Hunter

“Having tried and failed to get motivated at the gym for years (and spent a small fortune in the process) I decided to challenge myself to do the 8 week introductory package. With two young, very active boys under 3 and feeling very tired & unfit, I am now feeling so much stronger – both mentally & physically – fitter and more toned and I cannot recommend this enough. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or get fit, Jay will motivate and encourage you to do your best and support you all the way. The bootcamps are ego-free and everyone encourages each other. A great bunch of people and very welcoming too.Thank you Jay for all you help & support. I really couldn’t – and wouldn’t – have done it without you.Save those pennies you’d lose on gyms and lose pounds with Bodyshock Fitness instead!”
Dee Le Lacheur

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